Pulse input stays on hi vallue when should be zero

I have a water sensor which doesn’t give pulses all the time because water isn’t used all the time (logicaly).
I like to see the current usage, but when I stop using water, it shows the last usage instead of zero.

Same for my Solar, at night I see the last value all night.

Is there a way to get this value to zero when there isn’t usage of water or there is no more sun?

Thanks in advance

How are the pulses being passed to emoncms?

It sounds like the software you are using only updates on change or if pulses are detected. emoncms input processing and feeds get “revised” when the input is updated, so if the software doesn’t tell emoncms there were no pulses during the last interval, emoncms will not assume that to be the case and the last reading/count will remain until updated.

Only by updating the input with the “zero usage” rather than waiting until the next change.