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Pulse Counting

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Hi All,

we have a solar generation meter. (Rayleigh Instruments RIHXE12R) Reading the manual it has a pulse counter led also it has a wired output, is it possible to wire this directly to an emonpi?


It should be possible, but the manual is far from clear. You will need to do a basic check.

Using a multimeter, with the leads connected to the pulse output with the polarity shown, check for any indication of a voltage. I would expect that there will be none.
If that is the case, you can connect the pulse terminals to the pulse input of your emonPi.
On the RJ45 I/O connector (the one one the same end as the c.t. jack sockets), connect the meter’s pulse ‘+’ (5) to the RJ45 pin 6 and the meter’s pulse ‘-’ (6) to the RJ45 pin 5. (Coincidentally crossed over, just to be confusing!)


Hi @Robert.Wall

Thanks for your help. it work great.