Pull report from system based on TOU?

Please help. I have been cataloguing the grid connection point for the past two years. I recently switched to Octopus to move to Economy 7 and despite many assurance I would only be billed based on TOU, they have been billing a full tariff. We are now in debate about the split of night rate and day rate and as I have this superb RPI monitoring the grid connection, I’ms are it has the information I need.

I have the TOU application installed but only recently but could somebody please advise how I can export a report ideally showing the midnight to 7am use separate from the daytime use?

Many thanks.

Hi James,

I’d do a graph as documented here.

That’s a daily graph but f you change the interval to 3600 (hour) or 1800 (half-hour) you then get it broken down into usable chunks. Given how Octopus process my smart reads I’d do 1800.

Make sure you set decimal places to 3.

Then, when the graph looks okay, you can access the CSV data lower down the page. You may be able to give this straight to Octopus; if not, drop it into Excel or similar and choose how you do the separate accumulations.

Hope that helps!


I wrote a python script you can run on your RPi that generates a TOU report, but it was developed for comparing with/without solar.

You could just specify your import feed as the solar export feed and then ignore the comparison it does and just use the CSV export of the different TOU usage.

You can find my post here