Public portal for viewing live generation data

Is anybody aware of a site that functions like for uploading data from other generation technologies such as wind and hydro? It would be great to be able to view others’ data online and share my own.

Thingspeak comes to mind.
Like it’s free, but updates are limited to 8 fields maximimum, once every 15 seconds.

This looks promising.
I’m still learning how to use API keys.
I need a line of code to add to my Emoncms config file to upload data to a ThingSpeak channel.
Any help would be appreciated!

I use a bash script to send my data to Thingspeak. It uses the json api to read feed values from a local instance of emonCMS, strips the quotes from the json string, then sends the data to Thingspeak every 15 seconds, via curl.

iekwhd=$(curl -s
iekwhd=${iekwhd//\"}  # strip quote characters from json string
curl -skd "api_key=$apikey&field8=$iekwhd" 2>&1

I did it that way for a couple of reasons. I use a Python script to read a Wh meter via Modbus (RS-485).
The Python script reads the Wh meter via a python module called Minimal Modbus.
Minimal Modbus gets called every 5 seconds via Advanced Python Scheduler. (another Python module)
Adding the bash script call to the scheduler job list was very easy to do.

I chose APS as it can do cron-style scheduling with a resolution of one second.
One other thing that works well for me, is the fact that changes to the bash script
happen as soon as the next call to the bash script is made, i.e. I don’t have to stop
and restart the main Python script.

All of that, and the fact that I’m not a Python programmer. :wink:

A belated thanks for your input Bill.
I will have to see what sense I can make of it when I get some head space!