Public dashboard


I have the dashboard in local Emoncms. I pressed “globe” to make is public.

I want to share this Dashboard with my friends.

How I can do it?

Is it possible?

Please advise me?

Hello @Dmitry, nice dashboard, I like the graphic!

It looks like you have this running locally and so it wont be possible to share a dashboard link using emonpi.local. You can however use a remote access solution to create a publicly accessible web address, we have a guide on setting up remote access here Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Thank you for reply. I have this feature and wormhole is open.
But I don’t want to share my login credentials.

Is it possible to create additional user with read only rights?

Also I’d rather use, but I can’t upload background picture there… may be you workaround?

What else I can do? Install Emoncms script on “droplets”, but how again provide access to my dashboard only?

Hello @Dmitry, Great that you have the wormhole setup. There are a couple of options to share the dashboard, the first is to make it public, the second is to attach your read only api key to the dashboard URL, append &apikey=READ_APIKEY