Public Dashboard not available after FullUpdate

my local installed Emoncms works perfectly. After I pressed the FullUpdate button, I can´t see my own dashboard views. It showed only:

406 Not Acceptable
URI not acceptable. Dashboard cannot respond to “view/zz”.
Try another link from the menu.

If I´m logged in, then my zz dashboard page works. If I´m on another computer or mobile phone the the failure comes while I´m not logged in.

BTW: In the dasboard conficuration I activated the PUBLIC button to see this page for everyone.

What can I do to solve this problem?

Best regards


Have you tried clearing your browser cache or trying a private window?

I have the same issue using Also when using a fresh browser.

The problem only occures when using the link with the name of the dashboard, e.g.:

When I use a link using the id of the dashbord, I can access it, no problem, e.g.:

That works for me as a workaround.