Proxmox VE container install of emoncms

Has anyone else done an install on Proxmox? I have been playing with this Virtual Environment for a few days on an old laptop so a builtin UPS :grin:.

Just installed emoncms using an Ubuntu Container template - flawless.

PVE is really easy to install. The laptop is an old AMD E-300 chip with 6GB memory and currently has containers for Mosquitto, Pihole and emoncms running plus a full VM of HA OS with a fair bit of headroom. I have a second laptop that I have put 8GB of memory in and an i3 chip so I’ll move everything to that at some point (just backup and restore).

I’m really impressed.

just downloaded that today was going to play with it, was running vwmare workstation, but was going to esxi but could not install on HP proliant server… so I was going to try that out today to see if I can get solidworks license server and soldworks PDM to work on it as they are very picky on VM… if not then microsoft vshpere ( but I doubt it as windows vms I do not like) perhaps stick with vmware workstation

I’ve run ESXi on a HP Micro server for years. Biggest issue for me is backing up the VMs (not snapshotting). I had a disk go bad and lost a whole load of stuff recently. PVE enables automatic backups!

Gradually migrating all the VMs to Proxmox and once I have I’ll zap the ESXi and install PVE on it. Only trouble is that once there are VMs in a Node you cannot seem to add it to a cluster. If I could, I’d simply then migrate some of the VMs back to the HP server. However, connecting PVE to an NFS share is simple so backup from one and restore to the other should work.

My other trick is going to be to try and set the HP up as a RAID and move all my file store across from an older Netgear Nasduo and shut that down.

I am going to leave my HomeAssistant VM, PiHole Container and Mosquitto Container on the laptop so it has an effective UPS builtin.

my problem with the particular proliant server I was working with esxi would not see the drives to install, did not matter what type of raid I used or what bios setting I used . curious where you able to import vmware containers into proxmox as I have not quite found the time yet to play with it

No I just recreated them from scratch as I wanted to use containers rather than VMs. Using the Ubuntu 20.04 template, I have moved my Pi-hole VM to a container, mosquitto broker to a container and emoncms to a container (not migrated the data yet). I used the HA OS image and created a VM but it seems to want a lot of memory. Going to try the Supervised route.

Yes, another proxmox install here too. Moved from a single all-in-one ubuntu server to three proxmox servers to get some fail-over support, and reduced clashing of updates between systems, for a range of services, one being emoncms. VMs rather than containers, but considering them for future installs. Seems to be working well.

I moved the emoncms instance last night and it seems very happy in it’s new home.

Only issue is that the backup script did not want to import the data. It failed with

sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

running the script from the command line was fine. As I am going to auto backup the container, it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t have any metrics on size, memory etc, but I have everything in a container now except Home Assistant.