Proxmox EmonCMS Heavy Resource Usage

Do you mean a Proxmox LXC?

And from the other thread, 64bit or 32bit?

Yes, Proxmox LXC. Sorry for the confusion. 64 bit for all CT and VMs.

I suspect the issue is the 64bit. IIRC I played with using 64bit, but the repos are different and you get some odd things happening. the SDCard is definitely 32bit (for the same reason).

Not sure how I can check in Proxmox.

I use these scripts and I can’t remember if it asks 32/64. Proxmox VE Helper Scripts | Scripts for Streamlining Your Homelab with Proxmox VE

I will see if that might make a difference. Wonder if I can do a Proxmox LXC as 32 bit with this. It looks like you did an Ubuntu LXC which I’m guessing is a 32 bit version. That said, I believe I could just install an Ubuntu LXC that is 64 bit and just enable the 32 bit repositories. Wonder if the script would call on those then.

@borpin, Rereading what you posted. I do have a question. Any reason why you went with a separate LXC for Mosquitto?

I use the broker for more than just emoncms. It uses minimal resources so there is no downside.

The scripts work best with Ubuntu which is why I used it. I tried a Debian LXC once, but there were sufficient differences it wasn’t worth the effort.

You could, but why bother if all you want is a stable install? It is just inviting issues :wink:

Continuing on with this. I am creating a separate MQTT LXC. But something popped up in my head on this. So, what I see using all of the memory is the emoncms_mqtt.php. So it isn’t MQTT that is using the memory, but the script that is running in php. Now, I have php 8.1 installed which I see is the latest that is mentioned on here for use. I’m wondering if there is a later update though to php that could be causing this. What version of php is anyone running that is using MQTT with EmonCMS?