Pros & Cons of using an ESP32 development board for diyBMS?

I have just been perusing the site. I am trying to understand some things. Am I correct in thinking that an ESP32 development board can be used with the current v4 controller board? If so, how does a 38-pin development board interface with a 16-pin controller board? What are the pros/cons of using an ESP32 board versus using an ESP8266-12E board? I’m a sponge for knowledge so look forward to your insights. Thanks in advance . . .

No, a new controller board is being developed.

The functionality available on the ESP32 allows for more functionality to be available to the controller, such as interacting with inverters/charge controllers/etc via RS485/CAN.

Thank you very much! I have done quite a lot with LiFePO4 battery packs but am just now trying to get my head around this diyBMS project.