Proposed 3 Phase design

I would like to design a 3 phase design to measure the energy flow from the solar inverter, the grid and the consumption of the house. I would like to measure the voltage on each phase for accuracy, as well as the single phase consumption of 3 key items. The Airconditioner, Pool pump (including heat pump) and the washer dryer. I connected each EamonTX power supply to each of my 3 phases, to independently derive the phase voltage
I’ve drawn my proposed design
Please can someone help me validate this as an appropriate design.
Plus, can 1 Eamon Pi connect to 3 TX devices over 433mhz?

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You should be OK with 3 emonTx’s, but you might get the occasional missed data if two happen to transmit at the same time.

N.B. it’s mega (MHz) not milli (mHz).

And on that note… it’s emon vice eamon. :wink: :grin: