Project health and questions


I am a longtime flukso user and it seems that the project has gone dead. I am looking to migrate from flukso to emon energy monitor. I do use emoncms to query my flukso devices via mqt for usage, I been using emoncms for several years. :blush:

My questions:

Is there emon hardware still available?

I am looking to monitor a solar system input and output as well as energy usage around my home from the regular brake box (North America) is there a one setup for this or would I need two hubs?

Can I use my existing flukso electrical clamps?

I have one 250amps and several 100/50amps.

Thanks for the help!

Yes go to ‘Shop’ at the top of the page

Have a look at the guide - yes basically.

No idea :slight_smile:

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We are out stock on our core energy monitoring hardware now, both the EmonTx and the emonPi. The recent video by artisan electrics on youtube cleared us out! We should have the new EmonTx v4 available in the shop mid October.

Are the flukso CT’s voltage output? If they are 0.333V CT’s they will be compatible with the new EmonTx V4


Thanks, both for the reply.
@TrystanLea Is there a mailing list I can join to get notified when they come back in stock?


Any news in stock?

Looking to buy both a PV Version with an emontx.