Processing power values

Good afternoon, I have a (maybe) simple question and need your help.

I would like to create a feed, where I can directly see the money savings due to the usage of the solar power I generate. Therefore, I need to do some calculation with the used / produced energy per day.

In the first step, I produced the kWh/d with the related operation out of the power feeder. Afterwards I would like to do some mathematical operation to calculate my personal used energy and finally to multiply with a factor to generate my saved value in Euro.

Unfortunately, I can’t take the kWh/d for further calculations. Does anybody has a tip for me, how I can calculate with the kWh/d values?

Many thanks in advance.

Your kWh/d is a new feed?

You have an input process + feed, but that adds the value passed down the processes and the value in the feed. There’s also a Reset to ZERO process.

You need at the end of the processes you have:

Reset to ZERO
+ feed

and then do the maths you had in mind. You have × +, then there are the conditionals and GOTO which allow simple branching.

Dear Robert,

many many thanks for your advise. It works perfect!!!

Greetings, Thomas

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