/proc/meminfo warning/error

I’ve installed emoncms on a shared linux server (kernel version 3.12.18-clouder0). It seems to be running mostly fine, but on the administration page, I get a series of warnings and errors. Any ideas?

  • Warning: file_get_contents(/proc/meminfo): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/emoncms/Modules/admin/admin_main_view.php on line 17
  • Notice: Undefined index: MemTotal in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/emoncms/Modules/admin/admin_main_view.php on line 295
  • Notice: Undefined index: SwapTotal in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/emoncms/Modules/admin/admin_main_view.php on line 300

I believe that @Andy_Taylor added this function.
Any suggestions Andy?


For some reason they didn’t give you access to /proc/meminfo on your shared environment. (I assume thats a VPS of some kind?)
I’ll add some better error handling since this isn’t the first hit we’ve had for this issue.

@Paul - expect a PR later today.
PR #598 submitted: Additional checking for memory information by AndyTaylorTweet · Pull Request #598 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

Thanks Andy - a quick response as always!
Now merged into the git master branch.

Dan, not clear how you’ve installed emoncms, but if it’s a self build and you are on the ‘master’ branch, then a git pull should update the fix.
If you are on the stable branch, then you may have to wait a few days for the fix to migrate.


I’m on stable. So I’ll wait. Thanks for the quick response.