Problems using new SD card

I’ve just replaced the SD card in my emonBase with a new one from the shop. But I’m having trouble getting it set up like the old one. I’ve eventually managed to run the data import from the old card to the new and my emonTxen are working now but I’m stuck with various other feeds.

There’s another pi that posts some temperature and humidity values using an HTTP post from a script/prog on that pi. Looking at the inputs in emoncms I can see two complete sets of data (i.e. two temperature inputs etc) but only the second one is updating and only the data from the first set is shown in graphs (i.e. that’s the data from before I swapped the card). Why is it doing that and how do I get it to combine the old and new data?

And /var/log/messages just has repeated things saying

Nov 11 17:24:59 emonpi kernel: [104255.298110] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Attaching one wire slave 00.2be000000000 crc 76
Nov 11 17:24:59 emonpi kernel: [104255.309422] w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Family 0 for 00.2be000000000.76 is not registered.

I have no idea what that’s all about yet :frowning:

Yes, it isn’t as smooth as it should be it seems (@TrystanLea @glyn.hudson)

OneWire is enabled by default. search for w1_master_driver here and you’ll find how to disable again.

Did you use the USB Copy method, or export/import?

If you have duplicate inputs and one is updating and the other isn’t, just delete the Inputs without the input processing. emoncms does that occasionally (and the reason has never been found).

Ah thanks. That’s an annoying change from the default settings. How many people even know that facility is there, let alone use it?

I used export/import. As I said the ones that aren’t updating are the ones that have the years of data already collected! So I don’t want to delete them.

If I have to, I’ll poke about in the code and try to understand what has happened, but I thought there was a chance that somebody already knows?

What I need to know now is how to merge the new updating inputs with the old data-rich inputs.

No they aren’t, and no they haven’t. There’s no stored data in the Inputs, the database is the Feeds. Provided your “new” Inputs have the correct processing steps writing to the same Feeds as the old Inputs did, then your new Inputs will store the data in the same Feeds as the old Inputs did.
You should check that the processing steps are identical for the new Inputs, or if they haven’t copied I’m afraid the only way I know is to copy each step of each Input manually.

Unfortunately, If the new Inputs don’t have the processing steps and don’t write to the Feeds, that data is lost forever.

I think the new Addon board uses it now IIRC.

I said delete the ones without the processing.

What happens sometimes, is emoncms automatically creates new inputs on the input page that are a duplicate of the inputs already there and for which have some input processing against them.

If you delete these new (duplicate) inputs (the ones without and processing defined), emoncms usually starts just using the old inputs and processing so the data is saved on the old feeds.

It is an odd error.

Ah, sorry for being so dumb. I have now deleted the inputs as suggested and it has started updating the old ones again. Thanks Brian, thanks Robert.

By Addon board do you mean emonPi / emonTx RJ45 to Terminal Block Breakout for DS18B20 - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor ? That seems to be something to use with an emonpi or an emontx; it doesn’t seem to be applicable to an emonbase. It would seem more sensible to ship the image without that feature enabled and tell people that buy the addon board to use raspi-config to configure it. Not cause a nuisance for everybody else. What am I missing?

I’ve just found another oddity in the new version. Graphs display the legend in the upper left corner as before and previously I could hide particular feeds by clicking on the little box showing the colour that feed is displayed in. But now I can’t :frowning:

Is there some other way of hiding feeds now? I always liked that feature.

Yes I had noted that - @TrystanLea - is this deliberate?

No I think it is the new EmonPi board. Generally harmless error though and really only want one SD image.

Hmm, maybe. But it seems to me it would be less nuisance if somebody who bought an emonpi (as opposed to an emonbase) and who actually bought some onewire hardware was expected to have to open raspi-config and then reboot, rather than that everybody who bought an emonbase or didn’t buy any onewire hardware had to do the same for some reason that has nothing to do with their own actions. Grr!

I’ve also noticed that in some of my graphs, if I select “Show missing data”, the whole graph disappears, despite there obviously being real data being shown. That seems like another bug to me.

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