Problems to configuration in emocms (get feeds and get imputs)

We have acquired an IOTAWATT and we are having problems in point 8 of the tutorial configuration: emoncms/ at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub
Could you tell us if we just have to copy the codes ($ log_filename = dirname (FILE). ‘\’. ‘Emoncms.log’) or do we have to do anything else? It always gives error when when we register according to the instructions. We use windows.

We made the correct WIFI connection and configuration in the IOTAWATT (API in the Setup_WebServer; imputs, etc …). Through (iotawatt.local) we can access and see the readings. However, when we log into the EMONCMS account ( we have a problem, we can not get the imput that the IOATWATT transmits, they appeared initially but did not appear again.

Also we have problems in the feeds of EMONCMS the state of update always appears "inactive

Thank You
Regards Pires

Which error do you see? Im not really familiar with windows, the core target for emoncms is linux, if you have a raspberrypi you could install emoncms on or other linux server I would recommend it.