Problems compiling firmware for EmonTX shield

It has been a few year since i messed with Arfuino code but having no success in compiling the firmware for the TX Shield. I think I have included the Jee;lib and EmonLib libtraries, but still get the following error in compile.

In file included from C:\Users\HP User\Documents\Arduino\sketch_jun18c\sketch_jun18c.ino:8:0:
C:\Users\HP User\Documents\Arduino\libraries\jeelib-master/RF69_compat.h:9:2: error: #error This file must be included BEFORE the "RF12.h" header file!
 #error This file must be included BEFORE the "RF12.h" header file!
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Uno.

I have amended the order of the include but makes no difference.

Probably something really simple |I have missed, but any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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It looks as if you missed the step of renaming JeeLib. The full instructions for installing the libraries in Windoze are in ‘Learn’: Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor