Problem with Graph display

Recently, after invoking the Full Update, I seem to be having issues with the Graph. All of the values appear to be around the zero point and incorrect values. If I select the CSV it reflects the incorrect graph values.If I create a brand new Graph with the same feed points, I get a graph showing correct graph values and history, the previously created graph still shows incorrect values. Rebooting the emon pi does not fix the issue. Any suggestions please?

I am running version low-write 11.0.5 : Components: Emoncms Core v11.0.5 | App v2.5.1 | EmonHub Config v2.1.1 | Dashboard v2.2.3 | Device v2.1.7 | Graph v2.1.6 | Network Setup v1.0.2 | WiFi v2.1.1 | Backup v2.3.2 | DemandShaper v2.2.2 | Postprocess v2.2.4 | Sync v2.1.3 | Usefulscripts v2.3.9 | EmonScripts v1.4.1 | RFM2Pi v1.4.1 | Avrdude-rpi v1.0.0 | Emonhub v2.3.2 | EmonPi v2.9.5

Thank you.

Welcome back, Penny.

Have you seen this: Updated EmonCMS today now the graphs are all corrupted

It reads as if yours is a similar problem, notice towards the end the unticking and ticking the checkboxes appeared to give a temporary solution.

Unchecking then checking the data on the graph does reset the graph, thank you, but I loose all of the colour settings for the graph when unselecting the graph feeds.

What OS and Browser?

Firefox 99.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 11 Pro

Have you tried a different Browser?

I did not, but will do if the issue persists again.

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This seems like something @TrystanLea needs to be aware of.

For information, my graphs looked very much like this: