Problem saving feeds to configuration in emonCMS app (9.3.1)

I’m using emonCMS 9.3.1 and the version of Modules/app that predates that new configuration “app-pre-mysolar-history”.

I wanted to try out the newer app, so I did the following (commentary on this technique is welcome.)

  1. cd /var/www/html/ //go to where the emonCMS directory lives
  2. cp -a emoncms emoncms_test //make a copy of emonCMS for testing
  3. cd emoncms_test/Modules //go to where the app folder lives in my test version
  4. rm -r app //remove the old app code
  5. git clone GitHub - emoncms/app: Emoncms App module: application specific dashboards: includes myelectric, mysolarpv, myheatpump and solar + wind app.

This seemed to work, except that when I tried to configure the mySolar app I got error when I entered my feeds. Something like “cannot be an array.” But the app would actually run, and display my data, but it wouldn’t save the feeds to the configuration. When I would refresh the page, or navigate away, the feeds were again unconfigured (empy configuration – “factory settings”).

So, I guessed there was version dependencies and I would need a more recent version of emonCMS overall to run the new app. Fine, I can work on this some other time.

The problem is that now, back in my original emonCMS folder that I didn’t touch, the feeds are gone from my configuration of the older mySolar app I am accustomed to. I add them back in and hit save, but they are gone again when I refresh.

Any suggestions?


It sounds like you created a second “test” emoncms that was using the same data files, when you installed the new apps module did you “check & update” the database from the admin page? If so the test emoncms will have altered the mySQL db, it might be a s easy as re-running the “check & update” on the old emoncms, if you are lucky it might undo the changes.

You are correct about what happened. In the future I’m going to create an AMI from my AWS EC2 instance and launch a “Test emonCMS” instance from the copy. That will give me a whole copy of everything to test upgrades on.

So my new question has to do with moving forward to the latest version of the app, in particular the MySolarPV app. The old version only needed the solar and use feeds; it would calculate the totals on the fly. The new version asks for kwh feeds containing the totals. So I think I’ll need to use the “useful scripts” to generate these kwh feeds.

My question: when this transition happened, was there documentation on how to upgrade? I’d be interested in thoughts things like: “using phpfina with kwh totals is way more efficient than using phpfiwa without, and that’s why …” and “because of this, if you don’t currently have kwh total feeds, here’s how to create them …”