Problem of data log

I have some problem with the log of data (temperature). In the graph section, i have only the last 10 points (roughly 10) and all the last points are not drawn.
It works well before and i do not used the emoncms since many months. I recently use it for test and it seems to be an upgrade of the software when I start it this week.
My software version is emonSD 24JUL20 with a RPI3 B+
Is it possible to configure the log system ?
Is there any possibility of “memory full” ?
Thanks for the help to understand the problem !

There is not enough information to identify your problem.

Where is the temperature data coming from? Do you have an emonPi, and is it from a temperature sensor connected directly to the emonPi, or do you have something else (e.g. an emonTx and emonBase)?

How often is the temperature sent?

In emonCMS, look at Setup → Inputs. At the right-hand end of the line where the temperature is shown, do you see the temperature? Next to it is a number that is the number of seconds since a temperature value was received. What does that number normally go up to?
If you hover your mouse pointer over “log” on that line, you will see the name of the Feed where the data is stored. Go to the Feeds page (still in Setup) and on that page, hover your mouse over the name of that Feed. A pop-up box will appear, what is the Feed Interval?
The Feed Interval should be longer than the time between readings sent by the temperature sensor. If it is shorter, you will have empty values in the feed that will appear to be missing readings.

Yes, a Feed is the database that stores the data, and you set it up on the Inputs page with the spanner icon next to the temperature value (but you cannot change it again afterwards.)