Problem connecting iPhone 7 to OpenEVSE through WiFi

I have made a short video that demonstrates the problem:


Tests I have tried:
Reset the iPhone
Delete all running apps
Delete browser history
Reset the WiFi hub

Edit - Updated OpenEVSE from V 2.8.0 to V 2.8.1 - no improvement

I’ve just replied on this thread, there looks like an issue with iPhone 7. Thanks for reporting, I’ve asked other developers to help test with iPhone 7

I’ve opened an issue on github to track this issue:

The iPhone 7 is using IOS 12.4

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Thanks, what OS version is your ipad running?

IOS 12.4 on the iPads

I thought this problem was fixed but it has suddenly got a lot worse.

Hopefully @glyn.hudson will be able to suggest some tests I can do.

Previously the OpenEVSE was failing to load properly on an iPhone. Now it has completely stopped communicating. It no longer appears on my network with its IP of 192.168.70

I have reset the OpenEVSE both with the menu option (push button) and by switching off. I have reset the wireless hub but does not appear on the network.

It appears to be working in the sense that I can drive it with the push button but that is not what I want it for.

Any ideas?

Edit to correct IP address

That is not a valid IP address.

Whoops should have said

After about 45 minutes I gave up trying to get the OpenEVSE to connect and left it alone for about 30 minutes. When I looked ‘just one more time’ it had connected to the network and could access it correctly from the desktop machine but it continues to be a problem connecting from my iPhone 7.

Signal strength indicated by the OpenEVSE is -43dBm

How strong is the Wifi signal at the location of the unit? Could the unit be disconnecting and connecting slowly since the WiFi connection is weak? How many bars of WiFi does you phone show in that location?

Have you reserved the IP for the mac address? If it was Android I’d suggest using an app called Fing to see if it has appeared on a different IP address. Not sure if there is an IOS version.

This is my PC version:

WiFi on my phone is 3 bars - max signal.

I am pleased to report that this issue is now fixed. The problem was nothing to do with the OpenEVSE but the strange behaviour of my BT Home Hub router. I shall not bore you with the details but please mark this as resolved.

The details may well be useful to others so they are never a bore :grin:. That it was a problem with the BT Router is not a surprise :grimacing:.

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OK. I don’t claim to understand DHCP but the BT hub appeared to have spontaneously reassigned the IP address of the OpenEVSE from its normal to

This happened without power cycling either the hub or the EVSE. One minute things were OK next minute the EVSE disappeared.

The IPA of did not appear in my network scan neither did it appear in the Hub DHCP table. I found a reference to this in a BT forum so tried connecting to and all started working again.

The forum also disclosed how to change the EVSE to a fixed IPA in the hub.

I had to switch off the hub, the EVSE and the repeater to force the hub to re-assign after this I was able to change the hub setting to use a fixed IPA.

Hopefully that will have fixed it permanently.

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