Pre-purchase question - metering gas & electricity

Hi everybody,
I’m looking for an energy monitor that can tell me electricity consumption and gas consumption of my home, with reading interval of minutes (maybe seconds) and that can potentially recognize different devices.
I’m totally ignorant to wirings and software, so the more plug and play, the better. I need to install them in a couple of homes, so need to access data remotely via internet. I want to find something cheap and easy to install.
Can you help me?

The emonPi from the shop will do that, provided you have a compatible gas meter - that is one to which you can add a sensor that detects revolutions of one of the wheels, or which has a pulse output fitted.

Recognising different devices is hard. I think there are some commercial units that have a limited success, I have not heard of one that is 100% accurate. The emonPi does not gather enough data to do this.

You can send the data from the emonPi to the on-line version, and look at it there from anywhere, or (if you have a fixed IP address) you can open up your emonPi to access it via the Internet.

The emonPi is a single-phase device designed for use in the UK, so you should be OK with that.

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