Power2 kwh accumulator not working

So power1 is the whole house and the w and kwh work ok
Power2 is the just the heat pump and the w is ok but the kwh is totally random.
I just followed the instructions,
Log to feed Node emonpi: heat pump
Power to kWh Node emonpi: heat pump kwh
Not sure how to debug this

Can you give us more info?

Is this an emonPi/emonSD?
Local emoncms or emoncms.org?
What vales are you getting and what were you expecting?
How long have you been collecting data?
What type of feeds have you created? ie fixed interval?
where are you seeing the discrepancies? If it’s a graph, what settings?
When you say the power is correct, is that definite or do you mean it just doesn’t look obviously wrong?

I’ve bumped up your (new) user level a couple of notches so that you should be able to post some screen shots and or data excepts etc.

in the app it shows 623kwh today, in feeds the number looks about right, 5.69kwh.
But it is constantly changing but all huge numbers, far beyond what is possible.
But house power, house power kwh and heat pump are all spot on.
So this is emoncms + emonpi + two ct sensors

That doesn’t make sense to me, power to kwh is an ever increasing value, the day to day delta is used to give daily totals eg day1 6kWh, day 2 13kWh and day3 21kWh would give daily totals of 6, 7 and 8 kWhs for those 3 days. 5.69 is not likely to be the total used since the feed was created.

Is it just the one day that is incorrect or is it a rolling “today” that’s always wrong?

Are you sure you are using power to kWh processes and not power to kWh/d processes?
And in the MyElectric config “daily” feed types selected or not?

What fixed interval did you select when creating these feeds?

There is a feeds api to get the info if you can’t recall eg


Are you sure that none of your other input processes interfere with that feed (eg wrong feed selected somewhere)

OK, I got it, in MyElectric heat pump config I had the wrong source for use_kwh.