Power1pluspower2 on emonTXshield

how do I get this feed to be able to show BOTH legs of power in my house on a graph? It looks like only a feature of the emonPi?

You add the second power (+input) on the inputs page of emonCMS, or do the sum in the Shield sketch.

OK created that. now what do I select in My Electric? I dont see the combined feed. nor do I see the virtual feed that i created that also combine the legs of power

You can sum the currents using Emoncms input processing. Or modify the shield firmware to do the addition in the Arduino.

If i am understanding correctly i did sum up the two legs of power.

4 + input Node emontxshield:power1 (input last value:1605.00)

this shows the total power combined. I have also created a virtual feed that shows the combined.

I just cant find where in the “My Energy” to pick the combined feed…

You need to use the + input input process then log the result to a feed:

You don’t need the 1st input process (Power 1 log to feed) if you don’t need power 1 logging on it’s own.

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That worked. at first i didnt see the power1pluspower2 coming across as an input but i re-read your post and got it working. just FMI can i add that power1pluspower2 to the code and sum them in the sketch?


yes, however, if you’re changing the RF packet structure, you will also need to change the emonhub config (assuming you are transmitting the values via RF). You will also need to compile and upload.

Summing via Emoncms input processing is the easiest way.

understood. thanks for the wonderful new adventure that you have started me on :slight_smile:

@glyn.hudson this solution was perfect for me, as well. thanks.

I tried to get this to work for kWh but it did not work the same as for power (adding the second power input on the first power input, then converting to kWh). It seems the Power to kWh process (from first pic) is only reporting power…not converting power to kWh.

I had to create a virtual feed (with each kWh for the individual legs of the circuit) to get kWh for combined legs.

Is there a way to accomplish this without creating virtual feeds? I feel like I’m missing something here.

See photos for clarity.