Power to kwh feeds reset to 0


I just moved my emoncms including all feeds and data to a new server.
Everything works fine, i see all data, however the power to kwh feeds have reset and are now counting again upwards from 0.
In the feed i can see the old data, its just sprung to 0 and restarted from there.

Can i in some way edit the power to kwh feed to set it to the correct values again?

I have used the edit realtime in the visualisations to re-add the lost kwh.
This works but had the disadvantage that i now obiously have a negative value on the day is reset to 0 and a highly positive value on the day i did the edit.

Is there no better way?

Hello @bart.ellast you can use the post process module for this. It can rebuild a kWh feed from the original power feed if you have that available. It is installed by default on the emonSD image, otherwise there are installation instructions here: GitHub - emoncms/postprocess: Post Processing module for emoncms


i try to install the post process module on my local install.
I changed to paths in the postprocess.settings.php file but the module just returns empty feeds.
Nothing is shown in the “my processes” area an also nothing to be found in any log?