Power to kWh day resets at 1am instead of midnight

I’m using power to kWh/d to generate a daily reading. This is used to see last night’s EV charging amount.

Recently, I’ve noticed if I start charging at 0:30am with Octopus Go, the reset is at 1am rather than midnight. It’s almost as though BST isn’t being used.

I’ve made sure system time is correct:


    1 Threads(s) | 4 Core(s) | 1 Sockets(s) | Cortex-A53 | 57.60MIPS | 
    Linux 5.10.103-v7+
    emonpi | emonpi | (
    2022-07-04 14:51:56 BST

May be there is a minor bug in kWh/d reset code that doesn’t take into account of BST?