Power outage causes error in kWh calculation

I have an IotaWatt feeding an Emoncms on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. On two occasions in the last week, we lost power for just a couple of minutes. When the IotaWatt and Emoncms came back up they reconnected and started feeding data again. The graphs in IotaWatt and Emoncms look exactly the same for Power but the kWh calculation jumped up. The first time, I deleted all the inputs and feeds and transferred all the data from Iotawatt to the Emoncms to get accurate calculations. That took about 45 minutes to rebuild everything including the dashboards and saved graphs. Now it happened again but I would like to avoid rebuilding everything again. You can see in the graph the increase in kWh at the time of the power failure.

The same graph from Iotawatt shows the same Power graph and the correct kWh graph

Does anyone know of a way to correct the data without having to rebuild all the inputs and feeds?

Thanks in advance for the help.

This might be one that @glyn.hudson can answer, if not I’d suggest The IoTaWatt forum could be a better place to ask.