Power monitoring for 415v


Im looking for a energy monitoring system for 415v. Can open energy monitor voltage that high?


The maximum voltage and, for that matter, current, is limited only by the input transducers. If you have a voltage transformer that has a low voltage output that is around 11 V on no-load, then you can measure 415 V (I presume between phases - normally we measure Line-neutral, so I’m guessing you’ll need my 3-phase 3-wire sketch.)

Thanks for your reply. I’m looking at power monitoring on 2 levels. One from a personal level which i know home energy works and 2nd from a work perspective.

From the work perspective, I’m no electrician (i work in IT) and been asked about monitoring power for some of our equipment. We’re a small manufacturing business and do have some equipment running on 415v and high amperage. We do run 3 phase. Hope that makes sense?

You might need to source a different CT from our standard - that can handle only to 100 A (which across 3 phases is about 72 kW). There are plenty to choose from on the “N.America” page. If you have a neutral, life is simpler as you can use our standard a.c. adapter on phase 1 (to neutral) instead of sourcing a 415 : 9 V transformer.

Yep, my background is industrial controls & automation.

Kind of makes sense to me - i think i need to educate myself a bit more electrical systems :slight_smile: We have electricians on site to implement the technology but need to understand if its possible and secondly what potential problems we may face.

Another question. Is it possible to network the end points rather than wireless transmission? I see there is a network port but its been used for other things. Thanks

There are pages in Resources > Building Blocks explaining how we measure voltage, current and power, and 3-phase systems.
Maybe your electricians need to join in? What we need to know from them is the maximum current that you want to measure, and an indication of the sort of machines that you have would help me to understand your application.

Are you talking about the emonTx?