Posting names of values to emoncms using emonhub

I may be missing something silly but when posting data from an emohub (running ‘headless’ on an normal raspberry pi with some sensors attached) to a remote emoncms instance (not in this case) I end up with an input list (under a node) with my values but without any names attached to the values. Looking at the code it doesn’t seem to actually post the names of the values at anytime (even though these are defined in the config file). I understand the reason for use of the input bulk API for normal operation but would like to post the names of the values at some point and the only way to do it seems to be to make a separate call to the input post API with this info. Perhaps this is actually something which needs to be achieved separately from emonhub… it is a bit reminiscent of what the device module does. Any suggestions appreciated!

I also cannot easily obtain these values in my interfacer as the Buffer object does not store the Cargo objects (which contain these names) but a list of values extracted from the Cargo objects. It seems to make sense (to me at least) for the Buffer to store a list of Cargo objects rather than an intermediate data structure.

Hi Ben, I’ve PM’d you an invite to a rather lengthy PM discussion between Trystan and I about emonHub. It should answer your questions if you have the time to read through it.

[edit - The EmonHub Development thread is now public]