Posting KwH to MQTT


Got a question on MQTT messaging…

My setup is EmonPI with Mosquito broker + a separate RPI running:
OpenHab & MQTT integration

I have got the Mosquito broker working on my Pi and am successfully posting EmonPi inputs to my Openhab installation on another RPI using the following notation:


These are all 'inputs. However, I would really like to get KWh too. This is defined as a feed in my local installation of emonCMS on my EmonPi. Anybody know how to access feeds as MQTT messages?

I want to start graphing daily KWh usage on my grafana installation - as this is where all my other graphs are.

Is there another way to do this?



I was looking for the same type of thing and Ian had a great response!


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Great @Jon that worked for me too. Should have searched for your post first :wink:

Looking good on my Grafana graphs now :wink: