Post processing not working

Hi, I’m new to this forum but have installed emonSD and am successfully logging 3 inputs. However I am now trying to add post processing to get a feed of kWh but although it goes through the motions of allowing me to add the process, when I hit the Create button nothing happens, the process does not show in the list and no logging is visible. Any ideas?

Hello @scimitar and welcome to the forum! I assume this is a relatively new install using the July 21 image? and that your using the power to kWh process? Checking here I cant replicate the issue but it might be worth trying to switch to the master branch for all components. You can do this on the Admin > Components page, click on the master button here:

Thanks for the response, yes I am using power to kWh, tried switching to master and that has made no difference. I tried basic formula and although I got an error of invalid feed I’d it did give me some messages in the log whereas power to kWh does nothing still.

I feel like I must be doing something wrong, can someone give me a step by step guide to setting up the post processing?

Even now done a full reinstall and not working - thia must be the most commonly used post processing function so I can’t believe it doesn’t work?