Post-process - no way to save processes?

I have updated emonCMS to 9.8.24.
Since then, the post-process screen is not showing processes under “My processes” anymore.
I initially thought maybe my older ones had been deleted as incompatible, but even creating a new process does not make it appear in the list either (however the underlying feed creation process is actually run, as a new feed appears):

This is somewhat crippling, given that my gas pulse counter resets every time I reboot the emonPi…

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Surely this needs to be the focus of your efforts?

The pulse count should not reset at reboot, there must be an issue with the way you are processing the input.

I have focused my efforts there, by processing the input through an accumulator.

There are however a number of other reasons why the ability to post-process is important to me. I have had feeds going wrong after a power cut (where the kwh got reset), totally out of my control.
I also have used post-process to create ad-hoc feeds from time to time, for graph purposes.

All I’m really asking is whether the loss of functionality compared to previous versions is to be expected (ie. work in progress at the moment, to be brought back in a soon-to-come version), or whether I’ve got an issue somewhere that I need to somehow trace.