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Post emonTx WiFi to back-end

Is it possible to post data to my own back-end?

I changed the emonESP “emoncms server” address to my server address, added the route under “path” but emonTx logs “connection failed”.


Is your copy of emonCMS on your server really installed at /emontx/test? Why I ask, that is not the default location.

Yes it is, the ESP8266 doesn’t know the difference, but it does require the address and the path to be correct.

Thank you Robert for your quick response.

I didn’t realize I had to install emonCMS in my own server. At the moment that address points to a plain post http endpoint. I was trying to log the data coming from the emonTx to see if it got through and it obviously didn’t.

I’m scrolling through the Guides options and I’m not finding any docs about installing emonCMS in my own server. Could you point me in the right direction, please?

By far the easiest, possibly the cheapest and the proven method is your own Raspberry Pi and the emonCMS download.

If you already have a server, then the process is rather more fraught and if you search, you find success stories and failures - it seems to largely depend on the server’s OS (or even the particular flavour of Unix/Linux).

The “build scripts” (search here for that term) should help you.

You possibly don’t need to install emonCMS, but you will need something to accept the data and provide the response that the ESP8266 expects, which I think is a simple “ok”.

Perfect Robert. Got info and I even got a tutorial. I’m a newbie in Linux so do expect more questions from me :grinning:

Thanks for the help.