Possibly blown emonTx


Just had a smart meter installed to replace our old electricity meter. I stupidly didn’t think to disconnect any of the emonTx or power it down whilst the work was going on. Since the meter has been changed and power come back on the emonTx won’t turn on (no red light at boot). I can only assume its blown something. Any suggestions as to things to try to bring it back to life? Or will the whole thing likely need replacing? (could there be parts I could replace individually?)

Any thoughts much appreciated!



Just been reading through the new hardware thread. I assume there wont be any new stock of the existing components? If so, is anyone able to advise what I would need to buy of the new hardware to replace the emonTx (once available!) I have an emon base, both power adapters (usb and voltage regulator), several CT clamps and temp sensors. Is it JUST the emonTx v4 that I would need? I.e it’s a direct replacement. @TrystanLea perhaps you could advise when you have a mo :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hello @microadam your welcome to send the emonTx back to us and we can take a look at it for you. Our address is here if you need it: https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/support/

Does it power up by any chance with a USB cable? have you had a look at the PCB? any sign of damage? Was it USB powered or powered with the ACAC adapter? Was any other equipment affected?

Hey @TrystanLea ! Thank you very much for the quick response. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

So, turns out the engineer who did the installation has broken something somewhere! It’s the plug sockets themselves (didn’t even think to try that!) As well as bunch of other stuff in the vacinity. Fortunately it appears the emonTx is unharmed (red light came on when plugged into a USB bank :grin:)

Thanks for your suggestions. This community and yourselves and most excellent:)