Possible to add power used during 1 hour to MySolar App?

I’ve been using EMONCMS V9.31 on a Pi3 for a while now and it works very well. Recently I’ve changed power companies and my new one gives me one hour of low priced off peak electricity per day which I can change the time of. Is there any way of logging this separately and incorporating it into MySolarPV so I have: Solar Generation in KW Grid Power Rate1 in KW Grid Power Rate2 in KW Percentage of Grid Power at Rate2 vs Rate1 The Pi also runs Openhab so I can set a variable via MQTT when the lower rate is active. I’d rather use Openhab to show the rate2 hour instead of a scheduler inside EMONCMS if possible as I change the hour via Openhab depending on when is the best time to run domestic appliances, and how much the suns been out.