Possible bug on emoncms installation (disk space keeps getting full by itself)

Im using 9.8.0 on a AWS Free E2C, with ubuntu 16.04, the first time I installed everything, seemed fine everything worked and i could see what i expected, however in the ADMIN PAGE, the Disk mount bar was slowly filling itself and in 1-2 weeks it filled 8GB by itself, i thought it was my own data from my emontx but after looking on the forums i found out that this was not normal

So i upgraded my disk space to 30GB and did a clean install on a new instance yesterday and i found something funny if i go to the ADMIN PAGE and press F5 it instantly fills the disk pasce with 100MB heres a little demo

now we pres F5 and…

press it 5 times in a row and,

As you can see it keeps going up, i already tried installing logger too by following this but i still get the “The log file has no write permissions or does not exists. To fix, log-on on shell and do:”

that the only thing i seem to be doing wrong from the entire installation of the emoncms dependencies

and by SSH, the script executed seems to have done actually nothing

any ideas of whats going on?

mmm looks like i found a fix to this, its by running both commands as a Super user

touch /var/log/emoncms.log
chmod 666 /var/log/emoncms.log

however this STILL leaves the default instalation with the filling up disk space bug, its stops after, this is done however the occupied space cannot be deleted (or at least i dont know how for now)