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Possibility to use openEVSE via MQTT as openWB client?


I improved my solaredge PV with a BYD LV Battery system and i use a EVSE station.
Now i installed openWB as “smart home” solution and in this software i can also calculate the excess energy and openWB gives out the setpoint(thresold) for the loadingg point from 6A up to 16 A as a MQTT topic.
I have this also converted to W.

How can i connect a MQTT setpoint topic in W or A to to openEVSE in the normal loading modus. Openevse should follow this value as a “slave” like remote controlled ???

PV divert or eco can not be used as openwb DOES the control (regulation).

Is this possible



The reason for installing openWB was that openWB can handle battery systems and can give priority to battery loading or car charging.

It shouldn’t be too hard to extend the eco mode to provide the available current as the MQTT topic type. Or if you can specify the power as W, the Solar type will do the same and just set the current based on the power you specify, is a lot more direct.

You will probably want to ‘disable’ the smoothing by setting the attack/decay to 1.

Does this mean:

In the area Solar PV divert i put in the field SolarPV-gen my MQTT Topic which is the setpoint in W

Is there any delay or follows the charging immediatelly if the setpoint is changed.
Where can i find this attack/decay ?

With the Attack/Decay set to 1 the updates should be immediate, these can be found in the PV divert options, if advanced mode is enabled.

Will test it on the weekend

Thanks for your help