Portable air quality monitoring?

Just curious if anyone has built anything to sample and log “air quality” on the move; Specifically, I cycle commute through North and Central London regularly and I was thinking if there might be some mileage (pun intended) to somehow capture some number of metrics and log then with respect to time and location.

Not sure if any of the existing kit would suit, but I couldn’t think of a better place to ask…

In reply to myself, I was pointed at this page from 2013 - 10 Environmental Sensors That Go Along With You - will read further but still interesting in any more pointers

I have heard of some people using this gadget which is reportedly to work well as a personal portable air quality monitor:


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Looks interesting, but the data seems a little walled away in their “community”. Also found this AirBeam - Buy It Now - but again, not sure about how accessible the real data is.

It’s such a shame that so few projects are as open as this one - I like OEM / emonpi / emoncms for this very reason. My data - my data to share or not.

Once I started looking… one more link and now I’ll go away until I find something proper - With Wearable Devices That Monitor Air Quality, Scientists Can Crowdsource Pollution Maps | Innovation | Smithsonian Magazine

We have such a project in Stuttgart for particulate matter measurements, with open hardware and open code, too. Should be relatively easy and cheap to build such a device yourself. Look in meta/issues for other projects and pointers (we are not the first ones building such devices). I have some code that needs to be stitched together a bit more.

See (mostly german language) pages:

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Also see these hackaton projects: