Port fowarding on a local network

I have 4 emonTx + Rpi running emoncms on a local network. Each has a fixed IP address and a different device/host name … emonpi-node-11, 12, etc.

There is a 5th RPi on the network running Raspbian but that could be changed to emoncms.

I want to port forward a request from the 5th RPi to any one of the 4 emonTx/RPi’s running emoncms so that I can log in and see the inputs/feeds/graphs/etc for that particlular emonTx/RPi.

Extensive googling provides much info about port forwarding but it is extremely complex/irrelevant because it focuses on port forwarding via the internet (from outside the local network).

The OEM resource guidance is not helpful as it refers to port forwarding via the internet describing it as complex & insecure.

Any info or pointers to my much simpler objective (within a local network) would be most welcome.

Thank you

Hi John,

I take it they are all IP base devices? for the rest of this I am going to assume yes.

If all of the devices are on the same network/subnet(ip range to you and me) then you dont need any port forwarding. you just login to each of the EmonTX and tell it where EmonHub is.

if they are 2 different networks then you need some routing between them. if they have an internet connection between them, then you will need a VPN to keep things secure.


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