Port change problem


I just installed opencms on debian (custom script install), everything works fine :slight_smile:

I need to change the port emoncms uses so that I can install another app (pihole adblock) on the same system which uses port 80, I tried following but does not seem to work

  1. edited “emoncms.conf” in “/etc/apache2/sites-enabled” from “<VirtualHost *:80>” to “<VirtualHost *:7777>”

  2. restarted apache

  3. tried http://ipaddress:7777/emoncms, but not working

Any ideas please?


The older images all used UFW (Uncomplicated Fire Wall) with only specific ports open. If UFW is still installed you will need to open port 7777 for inbound traffic.


its my own linux install without any firewall install, emoncms was installed using the following install script on top…

A bit of googling gave me the answer I think How to Change Apache HTTP Port in Linux

You need to tell Apache to actually listen on that port as well. Every day a learning day.

oh ok, decided to keep it simple though, shut down apache, installed pihole, changed pihole port from 80, restarted apache :slight_smile: