Plugging in my Thermia ATEC Heatpump

Hi folks,

My Thermia ATEC Heatpump publishes lots of statistics including how much time the compressor, fan and immersion have been working. This information was previously only available through their WebApp.

Recently someone reverse engineered their WebAPI (python-thermia-online-api) and Thermia published a datasheet describing the power usage of the compressor, fan etc. So I now the have mean to pull power usage from the Thermia itself.

I’d like to plug the power usage of the ATEC’s compressor etc directly into my EMON PI as inputs, as a poor man’s Heatpump monitoring. Any advice or articles on how to get started?

Ray K

How much do you know about Python?

There is a sample script here ThermiaOnlineAPI · PyPI. Try that and see if you get anything out.

Then Google and output the data structure as a JSON string, this then can be published to emoncms.

If you want to control it, that is a different ball game.

Have done already, works like a charm.

Thats the bit I need the pointers on.

What do you mean control it, I was just going to do it on a CRON.