Planning for energy monitor

Hi everyone,

I live in Jacksonville, Florida USA. I’m planning a new energy monitoring system for my house, I’m a little new to Raspberry pi and Arduino, the only exposure I’ve had is for streaming tv (Kodi) and a few small controllers for lights on fish tanks so please bear with me. I’m all about hardware, the hard part for me is the code, I understand how it works enough to struggle through it.

The setup I want to build is to monitor and log the power coming into my panel and a separate sensor for each of my breakers, I have 26 breakers in my panel. It seems pretty ambitious but I really like my gadgets and my $s.

I’m thinking I need an EmonPi and 7 EmonTX equipped with 28 CT sensors100/50/30 depending on load. I’ll also use some temperature sensors and maybe two display units, Solar will come later.

I’d like to hardwire all of it since I’m not a big fan of wireless things running on batteries. I plan to put it all in one custom cabinet, from what I’ve read, I’d like to confirm that the 7 EmonTXes can be connected to one EmonPi via serial or USB? I saw they can be configured via serial node id config.

Does anyone have plans to develop an EmonTX with more than 4 ports?

Can someone please help me figure out what I need to procure to put this all together?

Thank you in advance for being patient with me.