Placement of the temperature sensor on the busbar ? stupid?

I’m starting to build 2 batteries of 16cells lifepo4.

I was thinking about the placement of the temperature sensor.
Is it not a better idea to place it on the busbars so it will measure temperature of busbar if there is an issue with it and as it is placed on top of the battery, it will measure also the battery temperature.

The only downside is that the temperature will be a mix of the busbar and the 2 batteries near.

I often see videos of people checking the busbar with thermal sensor or infrared cameras.
This could be automatically measured by the BMS.

Placing one on the busbar at the connection of a center pack cell seems quite sensible. The output tab is the best measure of what the internal cell temp is (I’m assuming cylindrical cells here).


It is lifepo4 280Ah.
i don’t know how fast heat transfer will go from battery to the busbar to effective mesure of temperature of the battery also.

Another idea is to put on top of the QR code with kapton tape.

When under heavy load (80-100A+) the bus bar will transfer heat from the battery terminals and allow some dissipation of the heat, though not very efficiently.

From thermal videos I’ve seen on YT most of the heat is seen as a column under the battery terminals. You might be able to affix it near the QR but I’d opt for the short side near the terminals as it is a bit closer.