Pi Zero W - emonSD-10Nov22 - Nothing on boot


I’m sure this must have been covered elsewhere, but I’ve searched and found nothing.

I’ve got a headless Pi Zero W and no matter how I flash the emonSD - 10Nov22 I just cannot get it to boot and connect to my network via WiFi (or via a USB Network dongle).

I’ve used RP Imager and BalenaEtcher and followed all the steps with / without network. It doesn’t connect to my network or create an AP when no network configured. I thought it might be the SD card but I’ve flashed an OOB PI image on it and it connects instantly. The Pi Zero W and SD card is definitely working.

Have I done something really stupid and the Pi Zero W isn’t supported?

Thanks in advance,


There have been issues with the PiZero because of the architecture.

I’m pretty sure we found you needed to build emoncms from the scripts rather than the pre-built image. I thought something had been added to the docs to this effect, but cannot find it. @TrystanLea - I thought we had added a list of compatible Pis, but cannot see it so if it is there, it isn’t prominent enough :frowning:

I was also sure that I had done a build guide for the Pi Zero, but cannot find it. Best I can find is this thread from Feb.

However, RaspberryOS has changed since then so it might no longer work :frowning:

Follow this instruction to install base OS. EmonScripts: SD Card Preparation for RaspberryPi — OpenEnergyMonitor 0.0.1 documentation

Don’t include the WiFi module in the emonscript config.