Pi hat heat pump monitoring board

I really hate sounding dull and now realise my knowledge of this subject is so poor so forgive me all. I have purchased the pi hat, do I still need a raspberry pi to connect it to to make it work or is it a complete unit that I can connect my heat meter and electric meter too.Thanks for any replies even if it’s to say give it up.

A Pi “hat” is a daughterboard for a Raspberry Pi. So yes, you need a Raspberry Pi.


A link to what you have purchased would be useful.

HeatpumpMonitor/HeatpumpMonitorPi at master · openenergymonitor/HeatpumpMonitor · GitHub This is what I have purchased along with a couple of sensors.

Can you post a link to the shop item, please?

if this M-Bus & Temperature RaspberryPi HAT | Heatpump Monitoring - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor then


So you need an RPi.

If you have the wrong thing, email the shop and I’m sure they’ll sort you out :slight_smile:

Can I use any pi with it model 3b onwards?

I can’t say for certain - @glyn.hudson or @TrystanLea can confirm, but I suspect any Pi will work.

Any Pi from Pi2 onwards should work fine. I would recommend using our emonSD sd-card image so you can start with emonHub and Emoncms pre-loaded:


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Morning Glyn
Can i buy a Pi from yourselves or am i better off buying the emonpi and returning the hat, Like i said i would really like to develop my skills but don’t want to waste money and find it won’t work and should have had the emonpi. I already have the 449 meter and 531 intergrator and the electric meter. I am quite happy to be guided by your suggestions.

Hi Mike, I’ve sent you a PM

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