Pi B+ & emonSD


Does the current emonSD image work with a Pi B+? I’ve tried flashing the image several times and the Pi ill just not boot using it. Other images work fine - Rasbian etc, however, the current, stable version of emonSD causes the activity LED to flash 7-8 times. The SD card is good - have flashed another image and that works…?


Which image are you using? By latest do you mean the current released version “emonSD-26Oct17 (Stable)” or the latest “in the pipeline” version “emonSD-13Jun18 (Beta)”?

The stable should work fine AFAIK but I have no idea about the beta image and I believe @glyn.hudson is somewhere out in the wilderness in Norway currently, so you may not get an immediate answer from him.


I’m using “emonSD-26Oct17 (Stable)”, flashing to a 16Gb card, trying to run on a brand new Pi B+ (Arrived yesterday)…

I’ll do some more tests and update with my results,


Just spotted this -

emonSD-26Oct17 (Stable)
Download (1.4GB)

(.img) MD5: 88f8ff9a5f7bc0e9b07012895a5cdd95
(.zip) MD5: 6726564f379d0127052e8c30a3ffa534
New changes compared with previous release, SD-card-build.md has been updated:

Based on Debian Raspbian Jessie minimal, updated to latest packages, kernel and firmware. Includes patch for KRACK WPA vulnerability:
Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2/3 (not zero or 3B+)

Depending on your level of knowledge you might be able to install it yourself using This Guide.

Note though, I do know Raspbian has been updated recently and I do not know if this build guide has been tested against that.

Alternatively I have had success installing it on DietPi, but again that depends on your knowledge level.

Currently downloading a clean version of NOOBS to try an image install from scratch… :slight_smile:

The current stable emonSD image is not compatible with 3B+

We have a beta image which is working on Stretch (tested on 3B+): emonSD pre built SD card Download & Change Log · openenergymonitor/emonpi Wiki · GitHub

There are currently some issues with WiFi that need further testing. I’m currently away from the office for another couple of weeks. Getting this up and running will be a priority when I’m back.