Photo Frame eInk Dashboard

I’ve had an eInk display on my desk for the best part of 2022. Over Christmas I thought I’d learn some basic Python and have a play.

I managed to get data out of EmonCMS displaying and refreshing every 30m, then we wedged the display and a PiZeroW into a little photo frame.

Not the prettiest layout in the world, however it’s nice to glance at every once in a while.


Do share more details - I am looking to do something like this in the kitchen, I have an old tablet I could use but I have always worried about the power it uses, given I would not be looking for 99.9% of the time. I am guessing the eInk uses a lot less power other than when changing?

given I would not be looking for 99.9% of the time

That’s my reasoning for the eInk.It uses 0.6w in standby and 0.8w for the second it takes to update the display.


I have good intentions of revisiting the layout sometime so it is easier to glance at.

eInk actually uses no power in "standby.
You can disconnect one completely from its power source and it’ll retain the display for literally, years.
Going by the picture, I’d guess it’s the backlight consuming the power.


From that web page at the link above:

I have an old ereader(like 7 years old) that still has the same page up even though I do not have a battery in the device.

That’s very true. The display kept it’s original picture on my desk most of 2022 whilst I found time to play with it!

The 0.6w will be the current draw of the PiZeroW at idle