Permanent mounted Android tablet

What’s the best approach for a permanently mounted Android tablet solution?

The EmonCMS Android app doesn’t only seems to show feeds which is perfect for my mobile to check in on things. However, for my tablet I would like the “My Solar” App from to be visible.

I know I can I just fire up this URL BUT:

  1. Chrome browser (Latest Android) doesnt support in full screen mode
  2. How do I stop the tablet from turning it’s screen off indefinitely
  3. Home do I tell it to boot straight to the URL

Any of these links useful to you?

I have been using a cheap Amazon Fire 7" for a few years. I use Firefox because of the full screen issue but the emonpi/cms “divert” app is still a little too long to quite fit.

I simply switched off the screen sleep in the settings, but I have to manually open the page on reboot.

I simply used adhesive Velcro to stick it to the wall and let the USB cable dangle down to a charger in a socket above the kitchen counter.

As an aside my eventual aim is to use an Elgato Stream Deck to offer mini-icons and control buttons, but that’s a summer project :slight_smile: