PCB for compute module?

I wonder are there any plans for new emonPi PCB based on compute module?
That could make compact aluminium case with optional accessible HDMI port.


I didn’t know what that was so I’ll save others the Google, heres a link…

The compute module was updated earlier this year

24V PoE could eliminate need for another power adapter…

With Ethernet as the only cabling needed, the PCB is powered by POE, through a battery, then regulators for the 5v 3.3v and 1.8v rails. The LAN9514 was copied from the other Pi’s


Would hope it has normal 48v AC PoE (802.3af) - as it is I have powered my emonPi from an 802.3af switch using a PoE to network / 5V MicroUSB converter - that worked pretty well honestly :slight_smile:

Given the cost I would have thought using the newer Pi Zero W would also be an attractive option :slight_smile:

Power type can be selected in shop?:thinking:

Dreamcatcher is an Allwinner A13-based SBC with an integrated RTL SDR.

No design as yet but this would be awesome! The compute module was released just after we designed the emonPi :frowning: . If the compute module had been available at the time I certainly would have used it for the basis of the emonPi.