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Particle Photon with pzem004T

I want to develop smart meter with particle photon and pzem004T.
But there is no pzem library for photon…
Plz explain how to solve…

Hi Yapno,

Welcome to OEM.

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s been very little posted here about the PZEM-004
and not much more regarding the Photon.

I can recall a conversation with one forum user regarding the “PZEM-004,” but he mentioned
the “004” was slow, so he changed to an Eastron SDM-220.

You might have better luck posting your question on the Particle forum.



Hi Yapno
do you have find a solution ?
I’m in the same problem

Hello @M_Clement. Welcome to OEM.

Keep in mind you’re replying to a question that was asked 10 months ago.
You may not get an answer to your question for quite some time, if at all.