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OVMS data/logging examples

Hi, does anyone have any examples of the OVMS in action? Do/can you use it to log data? For example X intervals with car location, speed, battery charge, etc…

There’s a section in the docs on data logging, but it seems to be for app diagnostics rather than vehicle metrics.

I suspect I’ve misunderstood the server side application - so very happy to be corrected!

By default the ovms server only logs the latest metrics for displaying in the ovms app. However you can log to emoncms via MQTT.

E.g here’s a graph of soc vs battery temperature

I also log GPS position via MQTT to own tracks

Very nice!

My immediate goal is to better understand the optimum driving speed. So, balancing driving speed vs charging time.

Interesting, this is what tries to do. There are lots of factors at play e.g my father in laws Model S gets has the same efficiency at 70mph as my e-NV200 van gets at 50mph, because vans is shaped like a brick. However, in low speed town driving and twisty country roads my e-nv200 gets better efficiency since the Model S weighs as much as a small house, so frequent stop/start/accelerating uses lots of energy to get its mass up to speed.

Some real world data would be interesting.

My thoughts too. It’s an interesting problem and one I think a data science MSc student could pick up - but in order to do that they’d need some data to play with.

I’ve a 2020 env200. Looking at the open vehicle docs (Nissan Leaf/e-NV200 — Open Vehicles documentation) suggests it isn’t yet supported. Do you know anymore?

All e-Nv200 are supported. It’s only newer Leafs that are not

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